Chapter 81 - Great Ambitions
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 81 - Great Ambitions

Wang Pushi glanced at the bag of spiritual stones. “Commander, t- that’s far too precious.” His Bodhi Brew was not even worth a tenth of that. Gu Yanying had clearly called him here to give him these spiritual stones. He was unable to describe the gratitude he felt.

“If I want you to take it, just take it. Am I supposed to be lacking such a measly amount of spiritual stones?” Gu Yanying said before turning to Hua Chengzan, “Little Hua, what you lack right now is not spiritual stones. Don’t just tell others to spend their time cultivating instead of harassing children. You don’t enjoy yourself enough, spending most of your time cultivating. Out of the eighteen commanders under me, only you’re still a Qi Practitioner. You have to understand that if you can’t undergo the heavenly tribulation and establish a foundation, you’re still just a mortal.”

Li Qingshan thought that it was no wonder that Gu Yanying knew Feng Zhang was lying. Just by sitting there, she had heard everything that happened in the city. In the eyes of ordinary people, this was truly an ability that only gods could possess.

Hua Chengzan giggled. “Yes, boss Gu. I will definitely throw my life away at cultivation.”

Only at the very end did Gu Yanying turn to Li Qingshan. “Little bro Qingshan, I’ll give you this map, along with a saying, ‘The Green province spans fifteen thousand kilometers. The jianghu is only but a corner.’”

With that, she took off. Her wide sleeves ruffled in the wind, like a brave hawk unfolding its winds.

Before Li Qingshan could even return to his senses, the figure that was even whiter than snow had disappeared into the horizon already.

As it turned out, flight really was possible!

He muttered the saying from Gu Yanying. He understood that if he remained in Qingyang city, he would probably never meet her again in his life.

In the cold winter, Feng Zhang was drenched in sweat as if he had just been scooped out from a pool of water. Now, he felt like he had just survived a disaster, so he inhaled deeply.

Wang Pushi’s expression beca

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