Chapter 52 - The Might of a Spiritual Artifact
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 52 - The Might of a Spiritual Artifact

The Dragon’s Gate sect was arrogant and overbearing, but in the eyes of the people right now, Li Qingshan was ten times more arrogant and overbearing than them. He had tried to determine the fates of two major organisations of the jianghu that had resided around Qingyang in a single sentence.

However, there was no longer any anger on Yang Anzhi’s face anymore. He had recovered the calmness and rationality that belonged to a swordsman. With his instincts, he had discerned Li Qingshan as one of the few, powerful enemies he would have in his life.

However, he had absolute confidence in himself. His agile, graceful movement technique was the bane of Li Qingshan’s tough, external martial arts, just like how Li Qingshan was the bane of Liu Hong’s iron fists. No matter how much strength he had, it would all be useless if he could not land a blow. Li Qingshan could block the swords of regular disciples, but he could not block the sword of a mighty second-rate master like him.

Li Qingshan recognised this as well, and he could clearly sense that Yang Anzhi’s sword was not like the fine, steel swords wielded by the regular disciples. Against an opponent like that, it was impossible for him to flee. He could only confront them head-on.

As the two of them faced off against one another, the restaurant suddenly felt quiet. The killing aura was suffocating.


Yang Anzhi drew his sword from his sheathe. It shone coldly as it swept towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s eyes narrowed. The sword actually possessed a dim glow as well, just like the knife he had purchased today.

People had names and so did swords. This was a renowned sword that everyone knew about within Qingyang city.

The Soaring Dragon sword, the treasured swords passed down through the Dragon’s Gate sect. Only the sect master had the right to wield it. People with nicknames were powerful, and swords with names were sharp! Even in the hands of ordinary people, this sword could cut through steel like clay. If it ended up in the hands of an actual swordsman, it would be a true tool for killing.

“It’s a spiritual artifact!” Returning to before the banquet, the black ox said as he stared at Li Qingshan’s knife.

“What’s a spiritual artifact?” Li Qingshan played around with the knife. “Have I really found treasure?” He had seen many novels written like this in his past life, casually strolling through the market, finding a supreme artifact of the gods and from then on, becoming unstoppable.

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