Chapter 53 - The Master of the Black Wind Stronghold
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 53 - The Master of the Black Wind Stronghold

The Descended Tiger!

Suddenly, Yang Anzhi thought of the nickname that he had originally shrugged off completely. The Descended Tiger, Li Qingshan. Currently, the thing lunging at him was not a human, but a wild beast with fangs and claws.

Having lost his treasured sword, he was like an infant, completely vulnerable. He retreated backwards quickly.

The chilling wind appeared behind him once again, ready to take his soul.

Without any qualms anymore, Li Qingshan could use his Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength freely and unencumbered. His fists whistled through the air, forcing Yang Anzhi to dodge everywhere. Xiao An, who flew around in the darkness, did not spare a single opening. He was vicious.

The two of them, one hard and rigid and the other quick and flexible, one yang and one yin. Together, their combination was flawless.

Yang Anzhi was impressive as well. He was injured, but he used his extraordinary movement technique to maneuver and dodge. However, he still gained a few more wounds as the blood flowed faster from his back.

The smell of blood was so heavy that even ordinary people could smell it.

“Where is Li Qingshan?!” Suddenly, a bellow exploded from downstairs. It contained a powerful inner force such that it was deafening.

Over a dozen torches rose up, illuminating upstairs.

Li Qingshan’s mind halted, and he signalled at Xiao An. The knife immediately flew back into his sleeve. He did not plan on letting anyone know this secret right now.

Only now could everyone see Yang Anzhi’s figure. They were all speechless at his appearance. Before the darkness, Yang Anzhi seemed unstoppable, about to kill Li Qingshan. That also matched their expectations. No matter how powerful Li Qingshan was, Yang Anzhi was still one of the best of the best of the martial arts society of Qingyang.

However, in the blink of an eye, Yang Anzhi had actually been defeated, and he had been defeated so miserably.

Yang Anzhi recovered his sight and retreated to Yang Jun’s side. His face was pale, and his expression was twisted. It was like he wanted to tear Li Qingshan to shreds. He picked up Yang Jun and burst out a window.

Li Qingshan thought about how it was a pity, but he did not mind it too much. He placed a foot on the window sill and looked down. “Li Qingshan is right here!”

He saw a figure that was as tall and sturdy as a black bear’s at first glance, while the black bear saw him as well. They made eye contact and sparks flew.

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