Chapter 51 - Sweeping up the Dragon’s Gate Sect
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 51 - Sweeping up the Dragon’s Gate Sect

Li Qingshan only stood tall and alone near the window; it was as if he did not see the disciples of the Dragon’s Gate sect that rushed towards him.

The Dragon’s Gate sect knows I have the spiritual ginseng, so who told them? Huang Binghu? So much for saving your life.

The fury from betrayal slowly rose up through him, but his mouth curled gradually instead, revealing his pale-white teeth. Liu Hong’s heart leapt up when he saw this from one side. What heavy killing aura!

Swoosh! He raised a foot and kicked the heavy, square table in front of him. The table was both wide and huge, able to seat ten people at the very least. It was made from jujube wood and was at least a hundred kilograms in weight. He had sent it flying with a single kick, and the table smashed into the disciples of the Dragon’s Gate sect extremely swiftly and forcefully.

Chi Da charged at the front. He had never even considered such an attack, so he could only watch on in shock as the table smashed into him. His reaction was fast, immediately abandoning his sword and launching his hands at the table with all the inner force that his body could muster.

A futile effort! Li Qingshan sneered.

Chi Da’s arms snapped at the same time, while his chest caved in from the collision. Blood spurted out from his mouth violently as the cracking of bones rang out at the same time.

The table did not stop with that. It took seven or eight disciples with it before ramming through the railing and falling down the stairs. A great bang followed.

There were customers below. Originally, they had been wondering who’s luck had run out today when they saw the disciples of the Dragon’s Gate sect rush up the stairs in a threatening manner, brimming with a murderous aura. All of them stuck their heads over to watch the show, but suddenly, they were met with a table and seven or eight disciples falling down the stairs. They all scrambled away as they screamed.

Only when the table hit the ground did they gather over, still shaken. They saw Chi Da winded and dead, while the other d

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