Chapter 48 - The District Magistrate Returns the Kindness
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 48 - The District Magistrate Returns the Kindness

If Li Qingshan knew what Li Long was thinking, he would definitely praise his insight. Li Qingshan was a proper innate master, except for the fact that the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength did not focus on practising qi. Moreover, he had cultivated for far too short of a period, so he could not show it.

His mind had completely submerged into the spear techniques. With his interest piqued, he flicked his wrist and produced seven blurs that blossomed like flowers. It was extremely dazzling, shaking up and thundering through the air.

Suddenly, Li Qingshan drew back the spear, and the violent gusts of wind stopped with the weapon. His muscles relaxed. “How satisfying!”

He was not a master of the spear, but it was almost impossible for him to rival true masters of the spear who had devoted several decades or even their entire lives to the art; this was regardless of his talent or how mysterious the superhuman ability was.

However, not a single master of the spear was his opponent. As long as it was a clash of weapons, the seventy-one kilogram Tyrant’s spear coupled with his ox demon’s strength could knock away anything. Splitting the webbing between their thumb and index would be a light wound. Shattering their hand or even their entire arm was possible.

This was the reason why he needed to find a heavy weapon; it would allow him to take on ten times as many martial artists with his strength alone.

After trying the spear, Li Qingshan was still not satisfied. “Shopkeeper, I need two more things. I need arrows and armour. You don’t seem to have either of those here.”

He had already decided on unleashing his full advantage. Although the Ox Demon Forges its Hide could block the punches of second-rate masters or even blades and swords from ordinary people, it probably could not stop the weapons of third-rate masters imbued with inner force. Blunt and sharp weapons were two different things in the first place.

With his strength, he would not feel burdened even when equipped with several dozen kilograms of armour, but his def

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