Chapter 49 - In the Qingyang Restaurant
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 49 - In the Qingyang Restaurant

Li Qingshan’s ambitions completely stunned Ye Dachuan. He had always wanted to protect Li Qingshan’s life from the threat of the Black Wind stronghold, and it would be the best if he could use Li Qingshan. However, he never considered mounting the offence and provoking the Black Wind stronghold. He wanted to persuade him to stop dreaming. The money I collect isn’t for subduing any bandits but for filling my own pockets. When the time comes, we just need to frighten those aristocrats and accept the money. Everyone will get a share.

However, he saw the determination in Li Qingshan’s eyes. Although he still had a hint of immaturity that had yet to fade away, he was filled with high-spirited, self-confident righteousness. As a result, Ye Dachuan was unable to bring himself to try and dissuade him. The youth possessed the power to spur others on.

Ye Dachuan hesitated and struggled for quite a long while before suddenly slamming the table. “Alright! If you really have the confidence, I’ll take this gamble with you!”

“Sir, you mustn’t! We can’t afford to offend any of these people or places!” The advisor rushed up.

Ye Dachuan said, “Move. I have some guts in me as well. I’ll offend exactly what I can’t offend!” He seemed to possess righteous ardour, but he thought rapidly in his head, Li Qingshan managed to kill twenty or thirty people and a boss from the Black Wind stronghold alone. The Black Wind stronghold has around two hundred people, so that’s around ten times the quantity. Am I supposed to recruit a hundred and sixty or seventy people?

It had to be mentioned that this official Ye, who had neither wandered through the jianghu nor fought wars, was really quite naive. However, once a person had been carried away by their thoughts, they could no longer care.

If the Black Wind stronghold was destroyed, just who would still be bold enough to call him a country bumpkin who only managed to get his position through nepotism? Just who would still ignore his demands for money? And afterwards, he could get his younger sister t

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