Chapter 47 - The Four-meter-long Spear
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 47 - The Four-meter-long Spear

The shopkeeper was stunned. I can tell you’re somewhat a person of the martial arts society, going for something heavy instead of choosing a weapon that suits you. However, he immediately smiled. “We do, we do, we do!” I don’t care about your requests as long as I can sell these weapons.

This was something Li Qingshan had planned and prepared for carefully. If he wanted to destroy the Black Wind stronghold, he would face a true slaughter on the battlefield. The only way for him to unleash his strength to the limit was to use the heaviest and longest weapon available; this would help him overcome the numerical advantage his enemy possessed.

A sturdy assistant brought over a heavy broadblade. The shopkeeper said, “This blade weighs seventeen and a half kilograms and is five feet three inches in length. It is razor sharp. Does this satisfy the young hero?”

Li Qingshan grabbed the hilt and waved it around a few times as it shone with a cold gleam. The broad blade was as light as a feather in his hands. “It’s too light. Give me something heavier.”

The shopkeeper and the assistant were speechless. Just how much strength does he have?

Two assistants brought over an azure dragon halberd1, and the shopkeeper said, “This halberd weighs thirty-one kilograms and is eight feet two inches in length. Look at that crescent blade. That’s something that can only be forged by skilled, experienced blacksmiths.”

Li Qingshan flicked the tip of the halberd. “This is nice, but it’s too easy to snap. And, isn’t there anything heavier?” He could still remember how the halberd had snapped and flew apart from a single sweep back then.

Of course, that was probably because he did not know how to use a halberd and had used it incorrectly. However, he was not dealing with just a few enemies this time.

The shopkeeper’s eyes widened. For Li Long’s sake, he did not rebuke the fact that the weapon had just been labelled as ‘too easy to snap’. He thought, Just how on earth do you plan on using the weapon!? He wanted to embarrass Li Qingshan, so he wav

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