Chapter 43 - The Vicious Tiger Descends from the Mountains
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 43 - The Vicious Tiger Descends from the Mountains

Li Qingshan did not return to the Crouching Ox village. At least right now, the tiny village would still be safe. The Drawn Reins village was also ruled out. Bringing other people into his problems was not his wish. He did not venture directly to the Black Wind stronghold either, even though he had fallen out with the Black Wind stronghold completely, and they would probably mobilise as soon as spring came to destroy the village where he was born and raised.

He sneered inside. You treat me as an enemy, so why wouldn’t I treat you the same? I’ll definitely kill my way into the Black Wind stronghold and claim the head of the renowned master of the stronghold. I will make him pay for his crimes with a horrible death. Only then would Li Qingshan be delighted.

Why had he worked so hard on his ability? It was precisely to kill all of his enemies. However, before that, he needed to make some preparations.

He did not even have a suitable weapon with him. He would suffer too much if he went bare-handed. Even a lion would use its full strength to catch a rabbit, not to mention that the two hundred bandits of the Black Wind stronghold were not two hundred rabbits. Every single one of them were murderers and extremely fierce.

Once he charged in there, it would no longer be a skirmish of the jianghu. It would almost be a struggle on the battlefield. If he were too cocky and careless, something would be wrong with his head.

The Arsenal of Arms in Qingyang city was an extremely famous armoury. He planned on going there to have a look, but he needed money to buy a weapon. Right now, not only was he penniless, but he did not even have a proper set of clothes.

His clothes were in rags, and his chest was bare, attracting the attention of passing people. Wouldn’t he freeze to death dressed like that in this weather?

Li Qingshan trained within the icy pool on a daily basis, so why would he be afraid of this slight chill?

However, no one treated him like a beggar, as he did not possess the look of someone penniless. Such a look would co

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