Chapter 42 - The Strength of an Ox
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 42 - The Strength of an Ox

Li Qingshan breathed in deeply. “The White Bone Bodhisattva! The demonic path again!” Although he was clueless about the greatness of an eminent monk of buddhism who was about to attain the fruit of bodhsattva, he did know that this was probably a supernatural ability that surpassed his imagination.

Li Qingshan said sternly, “This ability is probably difficult to cultivate, right?”

The black ox said, “Yes. An ability like this involves all of life, death, and fortune. Not only does it require the cultivator’s soul to possess extraordinary talent, but it also needs to be refined with the blood of creatures on the brink of death, enduring the scorching of blood and qi to extract tremendous amounts of essence and vitality. He’s just using the blood of beasts as a substitute right now, but the best material for refinement is obviously human blood, particularly blood from practitioners of martial arts with vigorous vitality.”

Li Qingshan shivered inside. Anyone who heard about this cultivation method would only think of it as an evil art from the demonic path. And, in any legend or story, every single person who used human lives for their practice were antagonists, suffering horrible deaths in the end.

He could not help but ask, “Why are you practising this?”

Xiao An paled in fright. As he gradually recovered his intelligence, he too knew that this was a demonic path of extreme evil.

The black ox said, “Obviously, it is to help you. Heh, is this perhaps the superior way to control ghosts?”

Li Qingshan shuddered, unable to say another scolding word. He lowered his head, only able to smile bitterly. “It looks like we’ve both chosen the wrong master. We’re destined to walk to the very end of this demonic path.”

Only with that did Xiao An ease up and smile shyly.

A spotted deer moved through the forest quickly, dodging the chilly wind that tailed it like a shadow, but in the end, a hunting knife slit its throat. Before the spray of blood could even hit the ground, a porcelain jar caught it. As soon as the steaming hot blood

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