Chapter 44 - Master of the Dragon’s Gate Sect
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 44 - Master of the Dragon’s Gate Sect

Xiao Hei said, “Hunting chief, your health!”

“I’m perfectly fine. Have the people from the Black Wind stronghold and Dragon’s Gate sect left?”

“They still aren’t leaving. They demand to see the hunting chief.”

“Tell them I’m severely ill, so I can’t meet them. If anyone tries to force their way, don’t be kind. Shoot them to death!” Huang Binghu placed both of his hands near the fireplace. People were supposed to hide away for winter in the first place.

“How bold of you, hunting chief! Do you even want to shoot me to death?” A voice suddenly rang out from outside. The door shattered, and a fierce gale rushed in. A scholarly-looking, middle-aged man with a sword on his waist stood at the door. His gaze was as sharp as a sword, and his eyes shone. He was not as gentle as he seemed on the surface.

Huang Binghu did not neglect him, leaping to his feet and clasping his fist. “Sect master Yang, long time no see!”

Within a radius of fifty kilometers, there was only a single person who would call himself a sect master. The person who had just arrived was the sect master of the Dragon’s Gate sect, Yang Anzhi. His Dragon’s Gate sword style was renowned, and his movement technique was masterly. In terms of martial arts alone, he could claim the title of best in Qingyang.

If there were any descendents of wealthy and powerful clans who wanted to learn martial arts, they would all be sent to the Dragon’s Gate sect. With all of these sons and daughters of aristocrats gathered together, it was impossible for them to not swagger about haughtily. At the same time, the sect was an extremely large organisation. Speaking of which, it was basically a part of the righteous faction of the Qingyang jianghu.

Yang Anzhi studied Huang Binghu. “You really have recovered. No wonder you won’t even meet the elders of my sect. I’ll cut to the chase. Where’s the spiritual ginseng?”

Huang Binghu said, “I’ve never seen some spiritual ginseng. Sect master Yang, do you plan on taking my Drawns Reins village lightly because we are fewer in number?” Sever

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