Chapter 23 - Distant are the Roads of Jianghu
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 23 - Distant are the Roads of Jianghu

As the heat spread through his body, the sliver of qi became lively as well, flowing near his wounds and producing a numbing itchiness.

Huang Binghu sent out a few nimble hunters as scouts as the group traveled into the depths of the mountains around the ox cart.

They walked all the way until dusk without stopping, entering deep into a mountain. There was no trace of human activity at all in the surroundings.

At the foot of the mountain, Li Qingshan saw the legendary Drawn Reins village.

A tall, wooden wall was erected around the village. Watch towers stood at each corner. It did not seem like a village and was more like a military base. They had to approach it, signal the people in there, and only then would the gate open up. It was nowhere near as informal as the Crouching Ox village.

Li Qingshan was the only outsider, so he attracted everyone’s attention. He seemed unaffected on the surface, but he became nervous on the inside. This was the legendary lair of danger that had managed to make a whole army draw their reins.

Huang Binghu did not seem to be harbouring any ill intentions, but he needed to handle this carefully. Otherwise, he could lose his life without even knowing. His steel blade had already been taken away. However, even if he still possessed it, the damage it had received during that battle was already beyond repair.

Huang Binghu arranged a small, empty courtyard for him. Although he did not send anyone to watch over him, he did tell him to not wander around before leaving in a hurry.

In the most central building of the village, the most influential hunters gathered around a circular discussion table under the light of a few lanterns.

“For the sake of harvesting ginseng, the Ginseng King village has been building up grievances with us. Oftentimes, people of the village randomly die in the mountains, which they’re probably responsible for. This time, they’re even trying to get the spiritual ginseng from us. It’s a perfect opportunity for us to deal a blow to them.”

The two villages were only a few m

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