Chapter 22 - The Secret of the Spiritual Ginseng
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 22 - The Secret of the Spiritual Ginseng

Li Qingshan’s steel blade claimed yet another life. Although a blade had also struck him in the back, the wound was not deep, and his skin contracted around the wound. As such, he did not bleed much.

At the same time, a blade stabbed diagonally into his lower abdomen. He grabbed the blade firmly and cut off a head filled with surprise and fear.

His vicious and tough aura struck fear into the hearts of people.

Originally, Xiao Hei was reluctant to accept that Li Qingshan was stronger. All he knew was that Li Qingshan had won against them due to a sneak attack. He had been searching for an opportunity to redeem himself. However, he was covered in cold sweat now. Li Qingshan’s skill with the blade and his viciousness when it came to killing startled him.

This wild beast was not prey an amatuer hunter like him could take down. Fortunately, they were in the market earlier, which prevented them from actually drawing their blades at Li Qingshan.

A while later, seven corpses lay in the open as Li Qingshan knelt on the ground on one knee, supporting himself with his broken steel blade. He had over a dozen injuries, and his clothes had become dyed red with blood from both himself and others.

Fear and craziness filled the last ginseng forager’s face. Although he had murdered and robbed many people before, he was just harassing the meek. He had never witnessed such an intense slaughter before. “Y- you madman!”

Li Qingshan’s expression was like a tough rock. In the face of life and death, he outdid himself with every single strike and move, unleashing the potential hidden in his body. However, this took a great toll on him as well, so he became utterly exhausted after a while.

So this is the path that I chose? It really is bloody!

The black ox stood to one side in no hurry as if it were asking, Do you regret it?

“I’ll kill you!” The ginseng forager roared out as he charged over.

Out of strength, the blade fell towards his neck, and the coldness made all of his hairs stand on end. Li Qingshan roared out, “I don’t regret it!” All

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