Chapter 24 - Searching for the Spiritual Ginseng
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 24 - Searching for the Spiritual Ginseng

Huang Binghu knew that he had not taken him aback enough psychologically, so he added, “Your blade style and fist style requires you to be unencumbered, so you probably practise external martial arts. These types of martial arts lead to quick results. However, if you don’t have superior internal martial arts technique supporting you, allowing you to go from external to internal and thus achieving dual practices, it’ll probably be difficult for you to become a first-rate master. Naturally, becoming an innate master will be impossible.”

“First-rate master? What rate am I? And what are innate masters about?”

Li Qingshan asked a string of questions, which actually convinced Huang Binghu slightly that his moves all came from a great master who happened to pass by. If he had a proper master, it was impossible for him to not know this. “Qingshan, with your skill right now, you haven’t even reached third-rate.”

“Then that’s just mediocre!”

“You were able to defeat those ginseng foragers, so you’re already an adept. You’re still young, so there’s no need to be too dejected. As long as you practise properly and become a third-rate master, you’ll be able to roam through an entire region unopposed. With your talent, Qingshan, it won’t be an issue for you to reach such a level.”

Huang Binghu was afraid of going too far and dampening his determination, so he comforted Li Qingshan out of goodwill. However, he had no idea that the target the black ox had given Li Qingshan in the first place was to be able to roam through the entire world unopposed. The so-called internal martial arts he mentioned was even more of a joke.

“It’s even more mysterious for innate masters. They have to open up all the meridians in their bodies first and pass through the entry hall of life and death, converting their inner force into true qi. This true qi can flow through their bodies without any inhibitions anymore. Once true qi becomes powerful enough, it can even be freely projected out of one’s body to injure others.”

Hold on. I think the qi in my bo

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