Chapter 1671 - Spears
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1671 - Spears

The Demon Domain.


The great volcano erupted violently. Thick smoke filled the air, filled with the crackling of lightning. Several dozen tonnes of rock were hurled into the air, flying several hundred kilometres away. The volcanic ash scattered over the land like a snowstorm, dyeing all of the mountains a pale-white.

This was already its one hundred and twenty seventh eruption today, but no one was injured by it, as there were no demonfolk bold enough to approach this place. It was not because they feared this harsh environment, but because this was where their god dwelled.

The colossal volcano had already become the divine mountain of the demonfolk.

Looking down from extremely high above, it was possible to see countless demonfolk walking around the mountain and prostrating every three steps.

There were both men and women, young and old, varying in cultivation as well, but most of them were regular demonfolk. Some of them murmured away, some of them remained silent, while some of them danced around like they had gone mad.

Originally, they worshipped different Demon Gods, so the customs and rituals they followed were different, while the lord of the Demon domain’s customs and rituals had never been established. As such, they used the methods they were familiar with to offer up all of their devotion to the lord of the Demon domain.

Every time the volcano erupted, the people would explode in cheers, viewing it as a response.

The black mass of people were like ants, gathering around the mountain that was divine in their eyes, performing meaningless worship all day and night without stopping, even until they perished.

However, the demonfolk were very happy!

In the past, if so many demonfolk gathered together, it would definitely be filled with abuse and death, but right now, they advanced under the same faith, even helping one another like they were true siblings. They experienced warmth they had never felt before.

The warmth brought tears to the eyes of many demonfolk, weeping aw

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