Chapter 1670 - Sun and Moon
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1670 - Sun and Moon

The Elder of Heavenly Tomes smiled. “That’s right, this is beyond the Nine Heavens, but we normally call it the Primordial World!”

By “we”, he was obviously referring to the gods and buddhas. The other name for beyond the Nine Heavens was the Land of Gods and Buddhas.

Staring at the Primordial World, Li Liehuo also entered a daze. As one among the best of the best cultivators, who knew how many grand and magnificent sights he had seen in his life, but none of them could compare to what he was seeing right now.

A spherical world was not particularly unbelievable. What was unbelievable was what he felt inside.

This feeling was called “realistic”!

Everything he had experienced in the past only seemed like a dream, like a tour through an illusion, spending his entire life chasing after shadows.

Bob! As if he had heard the sound of a bubble bursting, he woke up from the dream. He finally arrived in the real world.

Just from that glance, his cultivation had increased evidently. Roaring flames burned in his Origin Soul, gaining a sense of realism, not only completely erasing the remaining influence from the Heretic God of Hundun, but also washing away the tranquility brought on by the spirit turtle’s tears. His mind had never felt so lively and clear before.

He could not help but recall everything he had experienced just then, especially the moment when the heavenly emperor’s will descended.

Before this, he did not even have the courage to think about it, because as soon as he did, his head would grow numb, his chest would grow tight, and he would lose his breath. Even his Origin Soul would curl up. If he remained in that state, even his cultivation would regress.

At this moment, a sudden yet extremely intense sense of humiliation and anger drowned him.

He asked himself, “Just because it’s facing the heavens, flames can’t rise up anymore?”

The Elder of Heavenly Tomes took Li Liehuo’s response and changes into account very clearly, and he became slightly content. This child truly is one of the most outstanding

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