Chapter 1672 - Deterrence
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1672 - Deterrence

Li Qingshan comprehended the way the Primordial World operated as he reflected on himself—the small world in his body was like a rainforest shoved into a miniature garden, teeming with life and brimming with greenness, but coming off as rather sickly from the overflow of vegetation. The thick piles of death branches and fallen leaves reeked with a hint of death too.

Life and death, prosperity and wilting, was the original nature of the path of nature.

However, not only had the Qilin Transformation completely occupied the central position, but it had even oppressed the other transformations without any regard either.

Within the rainforest garden, the wind did not blow and the fire did not burn. The wide leaves absorbed all of the flowing water and the roots grew freely, such that even the earth could only drag out a meagre existence.

And did the rainforest want to be shoved in a miniature garden too?

As time went on, the Qilin Transformation grew stronger and stronger while the other transformations grew weaker and weaker, almost to a point of regression.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

To the Qilin, the small world was like a prison, preventing it from following its path. It was eager to break free from all shackles.

Li Qingshan was forced to restrain this transformation at all times, but it was like opposing the will of the entire Demon domain and Sukhāvatī, which was the primordial qilin’s will.

At the same time, he would be opposing himself. The primordial qilin’s will had already merged with his will a long time ago. Following the path of nature had already become his strongest instinct.

He had become an immortal, enshrined as a true god. Who knew how many times stronger his cultivation had become, but just how much of himself remained?

Li Qingshan sighed. If he had relied on his own strength and proactively chosen the Qilin Transformation to Forge his Soul back into the Void, the situation would not be as terrible as right now. The influence from the primordial qilin was simply too great.

The power that these primordial gods possessed was unbelievable. Even when the primordial spirit turtle had already perished, it could keep the Mountain-moving Great Sage trapped through its subconsciousness alone, even influencing his will. As for Fuxi and Nüwa who had claimed their lives, he basically struggled to imagine just what kind of existences they were.

Li Qingshan’s cultivation was nowhere close to the Mountain-moving Great Sage’s, yet he had swallowed the Black Sun Demon Heart, proactively accepting the primordial qilin’s will and power, so it was even more difficult for him to resist this influence.

“Heh, what a hopeless situation!” Li Qingshan laughed self-deprecatingly.

The only thing he could rely on now, the dwelling by the name of the “Demon domain”, was constantly twisting him, granting him power while also making him ill.

Under this situation, just how feeble were the hopes of rapidly increasing his cult

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