Chapter 1605 - A Sacred Heart
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1605 - A Sacred Heart

Li Qingshan remained silent for a moment before waving his hand and turning to leave.

The corner of Qian Rongzhi’s lips curled slightly. They were eye-catchingly red. She bowed deeply again. “I will convey the good news. The king’s benevolence will definitely be spread throughout the Demon domain, to be known by all living creatures in the Demon domain. They will be your most loyal and most fanatic of warriors.”

Afterwards, she stood up in satisfaction and made her way down the mountain.

Li Qingshan raised his head, gazing very, very deeply into the black sun with a gilded, golden edge, overlapping with his pitch-black eyes.

Finally, there was only him left there.

Like an ascetic, he sat down on the rocks and sank into a lengthy thought.

At that instant, the winds and clouds churned and surged.

The tremendous, endless spiritual qi of the world gathered together on this plateau, this peak, this man.

The moment Qian Rongzhi had made her way off the plateau, she suddenly looked back, only to see a river of spiritual qi visible to the naked eye form in the air. It flowed with a variety of colours like an aurora, which made her sigh from the bottom of her heart. “What a magnificent sight!”

All the demonfolk within several tens of thousand kilometres of this place could see it as well, enamored by this beauty they had never seen before.

Waves surged through the river. That was his heaving emotions. From time to time, they would form whirlpools. Those were his surging thoughts.

Is it worth it?

As he comprehended the laws of the Demon domain, he saw the future clearly. He saw how his statues were sculpted from rock, gilded in gold and delivered to the decorated halls. He also saw the piousness and fervency of the people, bowing at the feet of the statue, filled with pain and hope.

However, the only thing I can bring to them is destruction!

From beginning to end, he only wanted to walk his own path, which was why he refused to establish overly-deep relationships with others.

Hatred and hostility was a restrai

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