Chapter 1600 - Subduing the Demons
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1600 - Subduing the Demons

When Li Qingshan first obtained the notice, he tried suppressing the Sangharama God with it, but it had been useless. As a guardian god of buddhism, it was completely useless against him. Of course, Li Qingshan’s cultivation back then was insufficient too, unable to unleash the power of the notice.

Now that he had Forged his Soul back into the Void, attaining godhood, he immediately understood its wonders.

The six-syllabled mantra possessed great wisdom, great benevolence, and great might. It contained the essence of the myriad teachings of buddhism, hiding the Dao. Even if mortals managed to understand it, it could serve many wondrous uses. It could increase wisdom, alleviate disasters and free people from the duality of life and death. All sects of buddhism chanted and recited it.

Not to mention that this had been personally written by the buddha. It was naturally effective against Demon Gods.

Qiongqi was basically under three forms of suppression at the same time. The first was the will of the demonic heavens and the laws of the Demon domain from Li Qingshan, the king of Demon Gods and the lord of the Demon domain. The second were the laws represented by the Mountain-moving Great Sage, while the last was the seal personally written by Tathāgata.

Each form of suppression was more powerful than the last. It was much more useful than some Blood Oath of the Nether River. Even a Demon God could forget about breaking free. If it were not for the fact that the six-syllabled mantra possessed benevolence, without any heart to kill, Qiongqi would have been crushed to death then and there.

“A personal notice by the buddha!”

Demon God Qiongqi was shocked. He lowered his head, immediately losing his temper. It was no wonder the notice could be so powerful. Even a Demon God like him had been deeply deterred and immobilised. He asked in surprise, “Where did you find it? Don’t tell me you’re a part of buddhism!?”

Li Qingshan noticed the other Demon Gods. They were also waiting for him to answer quietly and tensely. He could not help but grin and confess. “I obviously ripped it off from the door to the Great Thunderclap temple. I dismantled the temple and pushed over the spiritual mountain, Vulture peak, in the process too.”

He had not done that intentionally back then, but nothing he said was a lie.

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