Chapter 1599 - Tipping Mountain
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1599 - Tipping Mountain

Across the trichiliocosm and the six realms of saṃsāra, all of the cultivators saw the scarlet star that suddenly appeared and a chill ran down their spine instinctively. This ill omen was far too strong. Even those who did not know how to divine at all could sense it vaguely.

The daemon had emerged. Gods would die. The crisis was already imminent.

On the bleak demonic earth, the Thunder Lord General of the Nine Heavens’ colossal body had already become covered by green. From afar, he seemed like an ancient stone statue covered in moss.

Under the glow of the moon, a tiny flower bloomed quietly among the green bushes, producing a wisp of fragrance.

At that instant, thousands of lovely flowers bloomed, wilted, and fruited together.

Thousands of Li Qingshans emerged from the fruit. They looked up together, at the star that belonged to him.

It had only been so long and the youth who wanted to become a star finally made his wish come true.

Thousands of indescribable emotions surged through his chest. Had all of his effort paid off? Had all of his sacrifices been compensated?

This probably was not some story about self-improvement. If this entire story was told to that young cowherd of the past, perhaps he would not take this path at all, choosing to become a local despot of the World of the Nine Provinces instead of this.

Or perhaps he would lose some hesitation and conflict, becoming even more resolute.

Who knew?

Li Qingshan smiled brightly. Since he had chosen this path, then he would take on the fate that came with it. What was the point of deliberating over these advantages and disadvantages?

At this moment, a colossal shadow loomed down, obscuring the moon in the sky.

Demon God Qiongqi turned into his original form, a winged, vicious demonic beast shaped like a tiger. His eyes shone with red light as he stared at Li Qingshan maliciously.

“I must say, your performance has left me surprised or even shocked. Even I am a little hesitant over whether I should let this crisis of the world occur. Don’t forge

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