Chapter 1598 - Star
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1598 - Star

Under the watch of the gods and demons, the lightning and fire surged forth endlessly.

The Thunder Lord General of the Nine Heavens was wreathed in lightning. He shook violently before regaining his footing, standing in the air. A fire dragon curled around his body, constantly gnawing away at him, but it served him at the same time.

Meanwhile, Li Qingshan had vanished.

The Heavenly Dragon of Dao immediately overwhelmed the laws of the Demon domain he controlled before completely tearing him to pieces, almost wiping him from existence.

Under that situation, all techniques and abilities were useless, including the Nirvāṇa Rebirth. The lightning immediately washed over him thousands of times. Even if he was reborn a hundred times, he would be destroyed a hundred times.

However, the Thunder Lord General of the Nine Heavens showed no joy. Instead, his eyebrows were furrowed together firmly. He was well aware that the daemon star would not die so easily, but he was still greatly surprised by just how difficult he was to deal with.

The scarlet star in the sky continued to shine. After being erased, Li Qingshan had instead become omnipresent, scattering his specks of consciousness deep into the ground.

“Hmph, you want to run away from this? You’re dreaming!”

The Thunder Lord General of the Nine Heavens suddenly dropped down on one knee, wielding the lightning swordbreaker in a reverse grip with both hands and plunging it heavily into the ground.


The volcano erupted, lightning surged through the air, and lava flowed vigorously. The ground shook like it was about to shatter. Volcanoes rose one after another, flowing with thousands of rivers of fire.

The sky full of tribulation clouds swirled, illuminated by the lava and fire, such that the sky seemed like it was burning. At the end of the horizon, the fiery clouds and fiery sea merged together, such that the boundary between the sky and the ground could no longer be distinguished.

The apocalyptic sight even made the spectating gods and demons tremble slight

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