Chapter 1568 - Demon City
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1568 - Demon City

On a desolate wasteland of the Demon domain, the barren earth was devoid of life. A few dry bushes shivered away in the cold wind. The dark, heavy clouds were like a thick, dirty cloth. Even the rocks did not have it easy, reduced to a pile of sand despite holding on for countless years.

A figure suddenly rushed through the curtain of clouds, descending from above. Before he even hit the ground, he stopped mid-air.

Whoosh! Rain poured down violently, all over Li Qingshan’s face. He clenched his fists firmly and overlooked the bleak land cautiously.

Only after confirming there were no threats did he slowly lower his fists, letting out a deep breath. He relaxed completely and spread his arms at the sky, allowing the rain to douse him. He began laughing aloud.

His laughter was like rumbling thunder. The pressure from the Sangharama God had been far too great. Coupled with Sukhāvatī’s constant attempts to assimilate with him, he remained tense at all times. Now, he had finally escaped.

Was there anything better than fighting powerful enemies and breaking out of impossible situations?

Everything flashed right before his eyes. In particular, the scarlet and golden eyes were as clear as an imprint, making his blood boil. He was unable to calm down.

“Is he a traitor? No, why would a traitor save me? Speaking of which, we’re different from those guys up in the heavens!”

You have to believe! The Wind-coursing Great Sage’s words continued to echo by his ear.

“But the fact that the Great Sages were all suppressed must have something to do with him, or they would not be so furious and so aggrieved.”

When he said “You have to believe”, it was more like he was trying to convince himself.

“And the Sangharama God called him a traitor too. He’s probably converted to buddhism. What’s all of this about?”

No matter how Li Qingshan thought, he was unable to come up with anything, so he stopped wasting his time. There would be a day when the truth would be revealed anyway.

If he was a friend, then they could pull together an

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