Chapter 1567 - No Title
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1567 - No Title

The spirit turtle dove to the bottom of the River of Flowing Sand, blending in with the weakwater, like a rock that had remained buried for a thousand years. There was no aura, no fate, nor joy or sorrow, distanced from the ties of destiny, avoiding all worries of the secular world.

Li Qingshan seemed to forget about his main body as well, placing all of his focus on his clone.

The fierce wind whistled past his ears as he rapidly approached the horizon, immediately covering thousands of kilometres of pure land. Whether it was the cities or the wilderness, the forests or the lakes, they all blurred into balls of speckled colour—the yellow cities, the green wilderness, the dark forests, the blue lakes…

The colours melded and wove together, constantly changing, even leaving him dizzied, but he did not dare to loosen up. He just constantly pushed harder, pushing harder and pushing harder! If the phoenix wings hesitated for an instant, they would be blown to shreds by the incoming wind. Despite that, the interior of the clone gradually disintegrated and collapsed.

With the completion of the Spirit Turtle Transformation, he could pour all of his power into his mirror clone. However, it was impossible for his mirror clone to possess his main body’s reaction speed and toughness, so even if it possessed the power, it could not unleash all of it.

However, that was enough. It was enough to deceive people. He did not need any reaction speed, nor did he have to hold on for too long. He only needed to flee for an hour.

The river bed shook. Unless he sensed for it closely, he would have never noticed it.

Wolf Fang mountain collapsed, and the Sangharama God finally broke free from the watch of the orangey-yellow lion eyes. His armour was tattered and his back was bruised, oozing with blood. He seemed rather roughed up.

Gazing in the direction that Li Qingshan had fled in, he did not roar or bellow. Instead, he was exceptionally calm, no longer with a condescending mindset that he was purging someone under him. Instead, he

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