Chapter 1005 - The Power of the Affliction Severing Blade
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1005 - The Power of the Affliction Severing Blade

“No, I’m definitely the elder brother!” The little phoenix was particularly staunch about this.

“Alright, whatever you want.” Li Qingshan looked away and continued his conversation with Xiao An.

“Father, I want to find her!” The little phoenix grabbed Li Qingshan’s arm.

“For what?”

“Do I even need a reason? We’re siblings!”

“I think you’re just sick of this place.” Li Qingshan smiled.

“I spend my time here like it’s a prison. It’s so boring. At least I still had some skeleton monsters to fight in the beginning, but now I only sit around doing nothing. I might as well go out and toughen up instead. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be completely pointless for me to come to the Green province? Please, father, I’m begging you. Just let me go!” the little phoenix pleaded.

“I promised your second father that I’d take care of you. If you end up being butchered or eaten, how am I supposed to face him?”

“Then that’s because I deserved it. If I’m still afraid to go out and roam the world even with this strength, can I still be called a man? Father, when you wandered the world, you weren’t even as strong as me!” the little phoenix balled his fists and said in high spirits.

“You were never a man!” Li Qingshan leaned against his fist and expressed his disapproval.

The little phoenix was very overwhelmed by that.

“Just let him go!” Xiao An said.

“Fair enough.”

Li Qingshan agreed to it after some consideration. Nothing here could provide any benefit to the little phoenix’s cultivation anymore, so going out and toughening up was not a bad idea. As for the issue of safety, he was not actually concerned with it much at all. The little phoenix had the heart of a child, but with the phoenix’s legacy, he was much smarter than the regular person. As long as he did not go out of his way in search of death, provoking opponents on par with the Dragon King of Ink Sea, he could always flee even if he could not defeat them.

The little phoenix let out a cheer and rushed out of the dwelling, turning into a streak of light and flying around. He vanished between the mou

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