Chapter 76: Sword God
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 76: Sword God

The azure clothed man was silent.

“His speed makes me think of a person, the only one who could take fifty moves from me. Wind Soul Sword Saint, Feng Xiao Yao.”

“Together, block off all his paths of movement.” Tiger One defeated in a single move couldn’t remain arrogant any longer. The six moved in six different directions to block off Feng Xiao, creating whistles on the wind.

Feng Xiao didn’t move. Even when the sword qi was about to hit him, he didn’t show any signs of moving. The five swords and one fist hit him at the same time, but it made the sound of blade shattering.

A blur!

“Ka, ka…..Pa!

The battle ended too quickly, so fast that it scared them. In an instant, five weapons cracked and Tiger One without a weapon was slapped in the face.

“You are all too weak!” Feng Xiao said with a look of regret.

“It’s too much of a waste of time to play with you. Go back to your comfort zone to count your blessings, don’t lose face for China!” Feng Xiao taunted them without holding back at all.

No one was more arrogant than him.

Being insulted like this, the six people from the Tiger Squad had pale faces from rage, but they didn’t refute him at all. If the other side didn’t just break their weapons and cut them down, they would have been instantly killed.

This difference in strength was too much, he had the right to look down on them.

The azure clothed man knit his brows, “His words are too extreme.”

“Goodbye little tigers.” Feng Xiao arrogantly left these words and turned to disappear into the night.

“Trash raised by a dog!” Tiger One whose self esteem had been trashed had cold eyes as he cursed out.

“What did you say!!!!” Blood Emperor Ying Feng appeared again, only this time his voice was dark like it came from the nine hells.

Tiger One shivered and he couldn’t help taking a step back. The other side’s terrifying gaze seemed to be penetrating him, like it was about to tear him apart.

“You—Say—That—Again!” Feng Xiao’s rage had already reached an unstoppable level. No one could shame his adoptive father and those that dare would all die.

The cold aura made them feel like they were dipped in ice and the five of them unconsciously took a few steps back to protect Tiger One. The somewhat short Tiger Six said in a deep voice, “Ying Feng, I apologize for what our boss said just now. We will not chase you again, so let’s leave it here, how about that?”

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