Chapter 75: Shock
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 75: Shock

“All of you can scatter, it’s already safe.” Nalan Yi Shuo waved his hand without any emotion on his face.

“Grandfather, are you…..fine?” Nalan Yi Hong asked in a worried voice.

“He, he, I’m fine. Actually I already expected this ending, this is Blood Emperor Ying Feng that our Four Noble Family’s can’t resist at all. If he wants to kill someone, no one can stop him.”

The Moon Accepting Mountain Villa was by a clear lake outside the capital city, it was rather silent and hidden. Under the cover of night, a black figure advanced towards the east, moving at a shocking speed.

Feng Xiao spun the Flying Feather blade in his hand, deliberately slowing down as his mouth curved into a smile of ridicule. Such inferior tracking skills and you want to catch me, Blood Emperor Ying Feng?

After continuing for a kilometer, Feng Xiao softly landed on some grass and stopped moving.

“You six, come on out. Or do you like eating the dust behind me.” Feng Xiao said in a deep voice.


With a snort, the six figures appeared from the darkness and surrounded Feng Xiao.

Those six had faces as calm as water. Even under the curtain of the dark night, one could clearly see their eyes. At the same time, the powerful aura they released was already locked onto Feng Xiao.

“You are the Blood Emperor Ying Feng? Only at this level!” The one who spoke first was the leader and his words made Feng Xiao knit his brows.

“Are all the people of your Tiger Squad this arrogant? This really is too disappointing.” Feng Xiao gave a cold laugh. If he hadn’t slowed down just now, who knows where he would have thrown them.

Every country had mysterious existences and each one of them were elites among elites, experts among experts. They were only mobilized by the highest officer and they only performed the most mysterious and hardest missions.

The Ancient Martial Tiger Squad, the Ability User Dragon Squad, the Sniper Eagle Squad, and the Shadow Phoenix Squad, China’s strongest and most mysterious squads. They were not controlled by anyone and wasn’t moved unl

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