Chapter 77: Emperor Sword Purple Sun
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 77: Emperor Sword Purple Sun

Feng Xiao could feel that his body was slowly losing all sensation. He finally understood why his adoptive father was so proud that he could take fifty moves from Ye Huang Tian back then.

After half a minute, his body no longer seemed to belong to him and his consciousness slowly began to fade.


A faint sound appeared in Feng Xiao’s consciousness that cleared his mind. His body trembled and using the remainder of his consciousness to use the Chaotic Art, he forcefully recovered his right hand’s ability to move. With a wave of his hand, the faint red dagger stabbed into his own thigh.

The intense pain cleared up Xu Yi’s consciousness. He roared out and filled his body with the chaos power, instantly shattering the suppression of Ye Huang Tian’s aura. He used all his speed as he turned into a blur stabbing the Flying Feather at Ye Huang Tian.

There has been no one that has made me admit defeat like this!

The world’s martial arts, speed can’t be broken. Sword God, I want to see how to break my speed that is as fast as the wind.

With his aura being broken, a trace of surprise flashed on Ye Huang Tian’s face without any ripples, but it instantly returned to normal. Without knowing when, a purple ancient sword that was releasing a powerful aura appeared in his hand.

Feng Xiao’s Flying Feather was approaching, but Ye Huang Tiana didn’t dodge at all. The sword in his right hand swayed and a purple sword net instantly formed in the air, covering Feng Xiao completely.

It was like Feng Xiao felt countless sharp sword qi pierce into his body. The other side only had a single sword, but it made him feel like there were countless swords dancing together, completely sealing him off. As long as he continued forward, he would definitely be killed.

Feng Xiao was shocked and quickly dodged to the side, but he couldn’t react fast enough. There was pain from his left side, as countless faint wounds appeared on his left arm and chest.

Ye Huang Tian casually held the purple sword, not seeming to have moved at all.

Feng Xiao was panting as his heart churned from this difficult situation.

One move, just a single move had already harmed him.

One sword that turned into countless sword shadows and each sword contained a powerful sword qi. It made people unable to dodge and unable to block, not to mention approaching him.

Not paying attention to all the small wounds, Feng Xiao tightened against Flying Feather that almost weighed nothing as he decided to make another move. With his shocking speed, Sword God might not react in time.

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