Chapter 72: Becoming famous in a single fight (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 72: Becoming famous in a single fight (Part 1)

Receiving the Xuanyuan Family’s Family Head as a little brother, how attractive of an idea that was.

“Ke, ke.” Feng Xiao cleared his throat before righteously saying, “Although I am incredibly powerful and unparalleled, I am a rather low key person and like to move alone, so I don’t take little brothers.”

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Yang Xi Ruo was speechless, this was called low key? The hundred Demon Wolf Gang players fought a single person in the city, the entire world would already know about this.

Maple Leaf Roaring Waves revealed a look of disappointment, but his look of worship became even stronger. Brave, arrogant, and acting alone, this was a true hero. Idol, an idol!


“But what?” Maple Leaf Roaring Waves seemed to see a bit of hope.

“But I admire your courage and to thank you for saving my Xi Ruo, if you even meet a situation you can’t handle, you can come look for me and perhaps I can help you.” Feng Xiao said with a faint smile.

“Un! Thank you big brother and sister in law.” Maple Leaf Roaring Waves broke out in laughter. Obtaining the promise of a powerful person was something he couldn’t ask for. Without caring about Yang Xi Ruo’s red face, he shouted, “Goodbye big brother and sister in law” before running off to find his big brother to level with.

Asura, it had become the goal he worked towards.

Feng Xiao was a bit speechless. This kid really didn’t have a brain, he didn’t even ask how he could find him.

Feng Xiao’s first display of might created a stir that surpassed his imagination. At the same time, everyone was thinking about a single word: Asura.

The main reason for this was his powerful skills that no one had ever seen before. It made them think of the only Hidden Job on the entire rankings.

“Xi Ruo, this is my home in «Rebirth», it’s quite magnificent.” Feng Xiao said in a somewhat proud voice.

“Wa…..It really is big……” Yang Xi Ruo’s expression was the same as Feng Xiao’s when he first saw the house, her mouth was so big that she couldn’t say anything.

“Come, let’s go in.” When he opened the door, he already gave Yang Xi Ruo the right to freely enter the Feng House.

Shui Ruo Ruo felt that her young master was back and quickly came over to welcome him. Seeing Feng Xiao bringing in a girl, Ruo Ruo’s face froze for a bit before she relaxed and secretly said to Feng Xiao, “Young master, you’re back.”

“Un, Ruo Ruo. This is the big sister I found for you, she will be with you quite often in the future.”

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