Chapter 70-71: Asura’s might (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 70-71: Asura’s might (Part 2)

“Old sixth, quickly contact young master and second brother, have them send more brothers over.” Fifth Demon Wolf’s voice was trembling. He had seen twenty people deal over 1000 damage at once and what shocked him even more was that the other side didn’t go down. He had a vague feeling that the Demon Wolf Gang had hit an iron sheet today.

The spinning Xuanyuan Sword flew out and instantly killed two mages and one archer. After dodging several fireballs, he caught the spinning Xuanyuan Sword returning to him and immediately used an Ice Shattering Slash to kill several knights that wanted to surround him.

Feng Xiao began to wildly swing his sword, as a black figure elegantly charged through the Demon Wolf Gang crowd. Each time an attack went out, it took a life or a group of people’s lives, causing items to fall onto the ground without stopping. After a minute, there were less than ten people left of the over forty Demon Wolf Gang. Their legs were trembling and they didn’t dare move forward. Fifth Demon Wolf was about to spit fire out, as he wanted to dash forward many times, but his fear made him unable to do so.

The crowd was so shocked that they couldn’t help cheering out, as several people who had stronger hearts had cameras in their shaking hands. Maple Leaf Roaring Waves’ eyes lit up and he wished he could hug those legs. Yang Xi Ruo’s hands were tightly grasped as she looked at this man protecting her and her eyes almost melted from her happiness.

Blue Starred Maple Leaf was even happier, as her lips couldn’t close from her smile, revealing two cute tiger fangs. She had already changed her mind, if she grabbed this mind, would she lack gold coins?!

Feng Xiao still had over 3000 HP, but he didn’t keep attacking. He slowly used the Asura’s Heavenly Return to heal up his HP while having a stare off with the Demon Wolf Gang’s people.

“Move, all of you move!” With a mess of footsteps, there was a path created in the crowd as Third Demon Wolf led a large group to kill their way back with over a hundred people. His l

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