Chapter 69: Asura’s might (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 69: Asura’s might (Part 1)

A sharp sound and a shocked cry attracted everyone’s attention and everyone looked over at the source of the tumult. In an instant, everyone fell into a daze and Yang Xi Yuo’s eyes were filled with a look of incomparable joy and worship, as well as tears that fell out.

A man covered in intense killing intent with a giant dark gold sword slowly floated through the crowd of people watching and fell by Yang Xi Ruo’s side.

There was a black mask with red marks sharp fangs on his face and a red necklace on his neck. He was holding a meter and a half golden sword in his hand and a floating cloak with a white gold glow around it on his back. His left and right hands had demonic glowing white and black rings and he was wearing a demonic armour that interlocked white and black, while covering his body in the aura of death.

Once this person appeared, that person who was filled with natural justice and his cold aura made everyone so shocked that they forgot to breath, as they stared at this man who was like an immortal descending onto the earth. The eyes of the girls were filled with countless stars and men looked at him with eyes filled with intense admiration and jealousy.

That person that used “Spiritual Dance” to move through the crowd was Feng Xiao. He was covered in a cold aura as he coldly stared at the Demon Wolf Gang.

“Big brother Feng……” Yang Xi Ruo softly called. She couldn’t help throwing herself into his embrace since she had suffered too much injustice. Finding a shoulder that she could rely on, she couldn’t hide the weakness inside her and openly wept.

“Xi Ruo, don’t cry, no one will be able to bully you again.’ Feng Xiao’s heart was filled with pain. He softly pinched Yang Xi Ruo’s little nose and spoke in a soft comforting voice.

Yang Xi Ruo gave a soft “un” sound and slowly stopped crying, but her hands holding Feng Xiao didn’t release at all. Although it was her first time taking the initiative to hug him, she cherished the warm and safe feeling that came with it.

“Wa! This big brother, you’re so cool!” Blue Starred Maple Leaf’s eyes were shooting out stars. She kept walking around Feng Xiao like she was watching a gorilla in the zoo, as her cute little mouth kept giving shocked gasps.

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