Chapter 68: Xuanyuan Jing Lan
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 68: Xuanyuan Jing Lan

He couldn’t use the Infinite Space Gate in the city. After asking foy Yang Xi Ruo’s position, Feng Xiao quickly used ‘Wind’s Spirit’ and ‘Spiritual Wind’, reaching a shocking move speed of 90. Just like a gust of wind, he ran towards the life skill player area.

At this time, the life skill player area was already filled with people, as two sides stared each other down.

“Bring out the girl, our Demon Wolf Guild can not argue with you.” Third Demon Wolf said with gritted teeth.

Accidentally meeting Yang Xi Ruo, Third Demon Wolf was filled with joy. He ordered his people to surround her and bring her back to the young master to receive his reward.

He didn’t dare drag her back. Third Demon Wolf still remembered when his subordinate had been burnt to a crisp from harassing a girl player. But he could use his body to block her to force her to go in one direction. If the other side logged off, he could send people to camp where she logged off. If she fought back, it would be easier since it would be considered self defense and he could pull her away. His thoughts were quite vicious.

He never would have thought that he would meet the Maple Leaf Guild’s people on the way and that they would actually recognize Yang Xi Ruo, as well as protecting her.

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“Humph! Don’t think of bullying big sister Xi Ruo!” Blue Starred Maple Leaf made a face at Third Demon Wolf’s group.

The Demon Wolf Guild was very tense, but they didn’t dare make a move. If they fought in the city, it didn’t matter if the person who attacked was right or wrong, they would be dragged to the jail by the guards carrying big blades.

Blue Starred Maple Leaf had a childish face, with her little white face being incomparably cute. She had her lips pursed as she stood in front of Yang Xi Ruo, looking like a female hero.

“You kid, thinking you are some kind of hero! If you have the skills, solve this with our Demon Wolf Guild in the wilderness!” Third Demon Wolf was the leader here, he wasn’t willing to let people off this easily. Moreover, he had already gathered over forty people here and the other side was only a little girl with a few members of the Maple Leaf Guild, there was nothing to fear at all.

A person who was covered in sweat ran over and Blue Starred Maple Leaf’s eyes lit up. She skipped over to greet him, “Second brother, you’re finally here. There is a group of people bullying me, wu, wu~~”

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