Chapter 48: Instant kill
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 48: Instant kill

Arriving in front of Old Man Bao at the Heavenly Dragon warehouse, Feng Xiao displayed his Heavenly Dragon Secret Token and said, “Boss Bao, help me expand my inventory to its max.”

Players had 50 inventory spaces in the beginning and the largest was 200 spaces. Each space expansion would cost 200 gold coins.

Seeing the legendary Heavenly Dragon Secret Token, Old Man Bao’s pig body trembled. He quickly expanded Feng Xiao’s inventory to 200 spaces and sent him off with a charming smile.

Feng Xiao secretly sighed. This Heaven Dragon Secret Token is really a good thing!

Feng Xiao then went to the pharmacy and the weapon shop, buying two dozen High Grade Red Potions.

High Grade Red Potions

Requirement: Level 20

Instantly heals 400 HP, has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

The strength of players increased by a large amount after their Job Change, so the strength of monsters increased accordingly. Therefore, the effect of the potions also increased. The Heavenly Dragon City’s potions had half the cooldown of the Beginner Village potions of the same level, but it was very expensive. A single High Level Red Potion cost one silver.

Although these potions couldn’t compare to his Asura’s Heavenly Return, there was no harm to being prepared. As for the blue potions, Feng Xiao directly ignored them. Other than the Asura’s Yama Wave skill, he had no other skills which couldn’t be matched by his MP recovery.

Arriving in a relatively quiet corner of Heavenly Dragon Square, Feng Xiao turned on his communication device.

“Have you changed Jobs yet.”

“Just this morning.”

“Where are you”

“The Life Skill Players area.”

“Is ten million enough.”


“Heavenly Dragon Square resurrection point, give me five minutes.”

Turning off the communication device, Feng Xiao revealed an evil smile, “Five minutes, it’s enough.”

“Infinite Space Gate!”

With a flash of white light, the scene in front of Feng Xiao changed. This speed made his brain fall into a daze.

“What space gate, this is simply an infinite teleport without limit!” This was the first thing Feng Xiao thought of when he came back to his senses.

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