Chapter 47: Bare naked extortion
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 47: Bare naked extortion

Coming to “nothing can be not appraised”, Feng Xiao touched the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token on his chest. With a laugh, he confidently walked in.

Earning from the appraisal shop, no, earning one hundred million RMB from the Ascend group, how could he not feel awkward.

Appraisal old man, go and cry.

“Hello grandpa appraiser, can you help me appraise this jade?” Entering the appraisal shop, Feng Xiao directly took out the Heavenly Profound Fantasy Jade.

The appraiser old man looked at him with a strange gaze for a while, feeling very strange that this brat came again. Could it be he really obtained one hundred million gold coins? What kind of joke is that, that was absolutely impossible. Then could it be…..

This brat has gone crazy in the head.

The appraiser old man immediately revealed a strong stance and snorted as he spoke, “I’ve already said it, one hundred million gold coins.”

“Eh…..Grandpa appraiser, I don’t have the gold coins, but see if this is enough.” He showed a golden glowing token to the appraiser old man.

The appraiser old man disdainfully looked at it. With a golden flash, his pupils suddenly shrank as he said in a shocked voice, “The Heavenly Dragon Secret Token!”

“Oh, grandpa appraiser, since you recognize it, you should know its rights. So, I’ll have to trouble you.”

The appraiser old man’s head was covered in cold sweat.

The Heavenly Dragon Secret Token had not appeared in decades, but the appraiser old man recognized it because every person on the Heavenly Dragon Continent recognized it. It represented bravery and honour, it represented the trust and authority of the emperor.

Moreover, the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token cannot be faked at all.

“This…..this……” The appraiser old man’s head was covered in sweat as he stammered on.

“What, grandpa appraiser, is there a problem?”

“This…...Ke, ke, sir Secret Envoy, please sit.” The appraiser old man’s face twisted as he suddenly had a flattering appearance.

Even if he had ten times the guts, he still did not dare defy the prestige of the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token under the eyes of the Heavenly Dragon Palace, but he acted like there was nothing he couldn’t appraise before and even gave a shockingly high price. If the other side knew that he couldn’t appraise it, not only would his “nothing can be not appraised” be false and his prestige be destroyed, he would also lose his home.

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