Chapter 49: Strange evolution
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 49: Strange evolution

A golden spear, a set of golden armour, a red earring, a white glowing shield, several Silver Equipment, several low grade recovery and blue herbs, several dozen gold coins, and two dark wooden tokens. Feng Xiao quickly put these items into his inventory.

The experience from a level 35 Gold Boss was enough to bring Xiao Xiao to level 13.

“Ding, your pet, Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin has reached level 13. HP +7, MP +10, Attack +3, Magic Attack +5, Defense +3.”

Suddenly, five different coloured lights was released from Xiao Xiao and it was dazzling in the dark Death God’s Tomb. Blue, red, green, purple, and yellow, five different colours intertwined with a vague grayish white gas floating around. At the same time, the Spirit Spearmen had recovered from their abnormal states, immediately rushing forward with their partners who had just respawned.

“Xiao Xiao, let’s go.”

“Ding! Your pet, Nether Five Elemental Saint Qilin is currently evolving and cannot be summoned back.”

“My god!”

Feng Xiao planned on fleeing with the Infinite Space Gate right after killing the Golden Spirit Knight, but he never thought that Xiao Xiao would evolve at this time.

Feng Xiao was not worried about himself at all. Although his attack and accuracy had fallen by 70%, the remaining few seconds of the Xuanyuan Sacred Flames double attack and absolute critical chance was enough for him to instantly kill these small soldiers. Even with his four main stats dropping, his HP recovery each second was shockingly over two hundred, so it was hard to die.

But for Xiao Xiao, just a single spear from these small soldiers was enough to kill it.

“Asura Yama Wave!”

All the spearmen fell into various abnormal conditions again. The ones that had fallen into confusion began to attack their own comrades.

Feng Xiao gave a sigh of relief as he began to intensely watch over Xiao Xiao’s evolution.

When pets were growing, if they met a certain condition, they would have a chance of evolving. However, this chance was as small as the chance of a meteor hitting the earth.

The first time Xiao Xiao was released, not to mentioning fighting monsters, it evolved before it even farted. This made Feng Xiao doubt if this kid was soaked in his auspicious aura.

The five coloured lights became stronger and another prompt sounded in Feng Xiao’s ears.

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