Chapter 44: Heavenly Dragon Secret Token (Part 2)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 44: Heavenly Dragon Secret Token (Part 2)


“Alright, don’t mention it.” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor waved his hand and said in a deep voice, “This one thinks minister Shang’s words are reasonable and will grant the warrior Wind Spirit the ‘Heavenly Dragon Secret Token’.”

“Emperor, you can’t do this so rashly…..” The blue robed old man quickly bowed down.

“The minister of the left does not need to say anything else, this one has his discretion. In terms of martial strength, Wing Spirit is the number among the otherworlders. In terms of ability, he completed something the entire Heavenly Dragon Imperial Palace couldn’t complete in three years in just three days. In term of merit, he has saved this one’s life. In terms of duty, various ministers, he obtained such a sacred item, but he chose to selflessly give it to this one instead of using it for himself.”

The emperor’s deep voice stopped and his sharp eyes swept over the ministers.

The ministers were speechless as they slowly digested the emperor’s words. They began to feel that Wind Spirit, this otherworlder was more of a virtuous talent and even Feng Xiao himself began to feel that he was synonymous to perfection.

Search for the original.

The minister of the left saw that the emperor had made his choice and he could only sigh as he retreated. He just hoped in his heart that Wind Spirit would be worthy of this token.

“Master Zhang Tian, bring the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token in the royal room here for warrior Wind Spirit.”

“Yes, emperor.”

“Heavenly Dipper Talisman’s Intake! Go!”

A talisman in master Zhang Tian’s hand broke as a golden token appeared in front of Feng Xiao. It floated over by itself and placed itself on his left chest.

“Warrior Wind Spirit, this one grants you the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token and specially names you the Heavenly Dragon Secret Envoy. You will receive the respect of the Heavenly Dragon citizens, be able to enter the imperial palace at will and move as you please. You can cut down corrupt officials and traitors without care. This one hopes that you will not disappoint this one.” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor was secret smiling in his heart. With this token, it’s impossible for you to be unrelated to the government.

“This broken?” Feng Xiao quickly looked at the Heavenly Dragon Secret Token’s stats.

Heavenly Dragon Secret Token: Special Grade

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