Chapter 43: Heavenly Dragon Secret Token (Part 1)
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 43: Heavenly Dragon Secret Token (Part 1)

Most of the players had already changed jobs and Heavenly Dragon Imperial City was already filled with people. Feng Xiao was running to the Imperial Palace, he just wanted to turn in the qilin blood quest and then find a quiet place to discuss with Feng Yao how to unseal the Xuanyuan Sword.

The most quiet place would be one’s own home. Feng Xiao decided to turn the quest in first because he had already picked out his reward: A mansion that belonged to him.

“For this kind of abnormal quest, it would be no problem asking for a house.”

Wearing Asura’s Ilusion, Feng Xiao entered the Imperial Palace without anything blocking him in front of all the shocked players. Several players also attempted to enter, but they were blocked by the guards and retreated in a sorry state.

“Warrior Wind Spirit, welcome back!” Feng Xiao entered the palace and was shocked by the scene in front of him. There were several ministers and generals lined up on both side. The emperor was wearing a yellow dragon robe as he led the ministers with a serious smile on his face. At the same time, there were countless gazes of doubt and disbelief looking at him.

“This wouldn’t be for welcoming me, right?” Feng Xiao’s heart skipped a beat as he walked forward and said, “Hello, emperor. I’ve brought the qilin blood. Eh…..You wouldn’t all know already, right?”

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“He, he…..” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor patted Feng Xiao’s shoulder, “Let’s go, come into the court with me. I must thank you in front of all the ministers.”

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor spared no effort in how he treated Feng Xiao. In his eyes, the master of a qilin was definitely someone powerful. Qiling could be considered the head of the five sacred beasts of the Heavenly Dragon Continent. It was an existence even he, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor could only look up to.

Not to mention this was the Asura’s successor. Although the Asura had declined, the previous emperors had all warned him that Asuras were people that could not be provoked. Once a slumbering Asura was awakened, they would be the most terrifying existence on the Heavenly Dragon Continent.

The Heavenly Dragon Palace’s court was silent as all the officials looked on with wide eyes at the purple qilin blood from Feng Xiao’s Spirit Jade Bottle slowly fall into the other Spirit Jade Bottle by the emperor’s side.

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