Chapter 45: Radiant Sacred Dragon’s Tear
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Legend of the Asura Chapter 45: Radiant Sacred Dragon’s Tear

“Is there really no way?” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor had a face like dying ashes as his hands holding doctor Huang unconsciously tightened.

Doctor Huang grimaced in pain, but did not dare say a word about it. He said in a difficult voice, “This lowly minister is helpless…..Princess Shui Yue’s illness has already reached her bone marrow, this lowly minister truly cannot do anything…..Princess Shui Yue… is hard for her to live past tonight.”

“......This one, understands.” The Heavenly Dragon Emperor seemed like he had lost all his strength. He had a depressed face as he released doctor Huang and weakly waved his hand, “You can all leave, let this one stay with this one’s daughter.”

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“Yes…..Yes, emperor. Please forgive this minister’s leave.” Doctor Huang’s balls almost exploded in fear from the Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s roar and he quickly left.

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor walked in front of the phoenix jade bed with heavy steps and gently stroked his daughter’s pale face, feeling like he had wronged his daughter too much. If he normally cared about his daughter’s condition, matters would not have reached this point of no return.

“Royal…..father. Will Shui Yue…..really…..die?”

The Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s hand trembled. He lovingly looked at his daughter and he forced his lips into a smile, “How could this one’s precious daughter die? Look at you now, can’t you even speak? This means that your illness will soon be cured.”

“Royal father is…..lying. Shui Yue knows…...this… called the light…..before the dark.” Her voice was like a weak wind in a deep valley which tugged the emperor’s heartstrings. He could not resist as his eyes gently closed his daughter’s eyes and tears fell like broken strings of beads from his old eyes.

“Sleep good daughter. If this one says you won’t die, nothing will happen to you. No one has ever disobeyed this one’s orders.”

Princess Shui Yue’s aura became weaker as she went into a deep sleep. It was as if…..she would not awaken again.

“How could this one let you die, you are this one’s only daughter……”

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