Book 07 Chapter 004.2: The First Taste of the Immortal Executioner Sword, Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 07 Chapter 004.2: The First Taste of the Immortal Executioner Sword, Part 2

“The second option is to become an executor of this world, specifically the executor of its world consciousness. There are many benefits to this. Firstly, during the months you were missing, various events occurred in this world. The world consciousness can take care of those for you. Even if you don’t care, you still have a younger sister, don’t you? Secondly, the cultivation system conflicts that arise from cross-world cultivation can be resolved by the world consciousness. Do you feel a slight hindrance when using magic? Moreover, it’s not just your life, but your younger sister’s future life can also be smooth and trouble-free. Of course, cultivation is a separate matter.”

“You want me to become a lackey for the world just for these benefits? What if I don’t agree?” Yang Yan crossed his arms, squinting at Chen Heng.

“Someone like you, who doesn’t want to give up power but also doesn’t want to cooperate, puts me in a difficult position.”

“And what will you do if I do not agree? Well, beat me up if you can,” Yang Yan said in an extremely arrogant tone. He no longer had his initial gentle air. After all, there was now a conflict in their interests.

Yang Yan had just spent some time observing and had a basic understanding of the person in front of him. While this person’s Will Energy was formidable, Yang Yan believed his own Will Energy was no less impressive.

He also had unwavering confidence in the countless magical abilities he had painstakingly cultivated over 20 years. This world, in his eyes, was nothing more than a middle-martial world. Yang Yan had gleaned this information through his memory observation technique by examining a passerby’s memories, which revealed that in the past two months, there had been an influx of Valkyries and newly awakened ability users. Unsystematic cultivation, no matter how strong, would prove ineffective.

If the person in front of him could become an administrator for the Dimension Administrators Association, Yang Yan assumed the association’s strength wasn’t insurmountable. Aft

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