Book 06 Chapter 067.2: King Arthur: Excalibur! Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 067.2: King Arthur: Excalibur! Part 2

Chen Heng switched his M762 for an AWM and took the lead, dashing up to the rooftop. Medusa followed close behind him.

Once they reached the rooftop and opened the door…they met with a surprise.

Bang! Bang! Two shots from an S686 shotgun sent Chen Heng sprawling on the floor. He was left bewildered. He crawled back into the attic while the player with the shotgun began reloading, crouched and ready to pursue.

As the player was reloading the shotgun, Medusa rushed out, wielding her M416. She didn’t give her opponent a chance to finish reloading and turned him into a crate.

Score: 23:20

“Resuscitate…resuscitate…resuscitate…resuscitate…resuscitate…resuscitate…” Seventeen resuscitates in one second.

“What’s going on?” Jeanne d’Arc had arrived by now and saw Chen Heng on the ground and Medusa changing her magazine.

“Let’s not worry about it for now. Resuscitate me first.”

“Okay, sure.”


After Chen Heng was helped up, he decided against staying on the rooftop and descended to the lower floor.

“I really didn’t expect it. As soon as I opened the door, there was a player crouched in front of it with an S686 aimed at me. You know how powerful shotguns are; two shots, and I was down,” Chen Heng explained, addressing the people gathered around him while treating himself with various medical supplies.

“When did that guy upstairs start crouching there?”

“You’re asking me? I was going to ask you the same. Jeanne d’Arc, didn’t you check the rooftop when you were looting?”

“Is this my fault? Usually, there’s not much good loot on the rooftop, so I didn’t bother going up. Who would have thought someone would be lying there?”

“It’s not really your fault, but luckily, I called Medusa to come up with me. Otherwise, you guys wouldn’t have made it in time, and that player with the shotgun would have killed me,” Chen Heng said, still shaken. He then turned to Medusa, who was now aiming a sniper rifle in the direction of R City. “Thanks again, Medusa.”

“Don’t mention it. We’re teammates; it’s what I should do,” Medusa replied c

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