Book 06 Chapter 031.2: The Prestigious Jixia Academy, Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 031.2: The Prestigious Jixia Academy, Part 2

Chen Heng’s mother had been the Ji Clan’s most beloved youngest daughter—also the only daughter—so the degree they had doted on her…

Let’s put it this way. There were over ten males in that generation but only one female—the youngest. The degree to which they doted on her could easily be imagined. She was treated like she was fragile, like a delicate piece of candy that might melt in their mouths. Sadly, though, she ended up being snatched away by a pig from another clan.

To this day, Chen Heng could not understand how his father had walked out of the Ji Clan’s doors alive. Furthermore, his father rarely visited the Ji Clan.

Nevertheless, Chen Heng was the Ji Clan’s only nephew and was also cherished by all his maternal uncles. Otherwise, there would not be so many people from the Ji Clan sending him excellent cultivation techniques that could push him into becoming an immortal so he could switch his cultivation method after his parents died.

If it were before, Chen Heng would think his father had married above his status. However, after learning he had a transcender ancestor…

In fact, after Chen Heng’s parents died, he had been practically alone with no one to rely on. A maternal uncle had once offered to take him into the Ji Clan and have his family name changed to Ji. No one had objected to this idea. After all, half his bloodline did come from the Ji Clan. However, he had refused.

In hindsight, it was fortunate that Chen Heng had refused. Otherwise, when the Chen Clan ancestor returned to this world and discovered that most of his descendants were dead and that the only survivor had changed his family name…

Never mind, there was no need to think further. There was no guessing what that ancestor would have done.

Chen Heng felt his ancestor might even simply destroy the world with a slap if his ancestor got angry.

After rejecting joining the Ji Clan, the 14-year-old Chen Heng had returned to Vast Sea City, where his parents met.

“…” Cheng Lixue did not expect her junior brother to have such an impressiv

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