Book 06 Chapter 028.1: Chen Heng: I Also Want a Divine Key! Part 1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 06 Chapter 028.1: Chen Heng: I Also Want a Divine Key! Part 1

“Why do we have to eat first?”

“Let’s have a meal. Life can be so busy without any fun. Even though my place is close, Senior Sister came to pick me up after all. And before you decline, note that our master cooked personally today. Isn’t that tempting?”

In just that brief time, Chen Heng had already spotted Fantasy Sea Villas.

As previously mentioned, Fantasy Sea Villas was close to Vast Sea City First High School.

“Alright, then. Have you considered pursuing further studies at St. Freya Academy for college?”

“Huh? Hold on, isn’t St. Freya Academy an all-girls school? Why would I, a guy, go there?”

“Oh? There’s something you’re not aware of?”

“…So that’s the case. St. Freya Academy is keeping up with the times by admitting ability users. They even transformed the outer girls’ school into a co-ed institution. Once this news breaks, many boys will scramble for a spot, even if it’s just the outer school.

“Just so you know, Senior Sister, I don’t know everything. Don’t misunderstand what I mean. While there’s some stuff I genuinely don’t know, there’s other stuff I just don’t want to know.”

Chen Heng never wanted to activate the Absolute Precognition in this world because it would simply be too boring. Anyway, no one could harm him here.

As for Luo Li, he worried even less. With the help of the Primal Chaos Bell and the emergency measures of the Dimension Administrators Association, practically no one could harm her.

As for Mo Qingtong? Chen Heng had already glimpsed her future. She would face no danger in the coming days. Furthermore, Chen Heng planned to send her an invitation letter either in the following days or that very night.

Having assessed everything, Chen Heng was certain that no significant person or event to him was under any threat. Thus, he had no reason to activate the Absolute Precognition.

Besides, there was the world consciousness. Given that they knew each other, even if it didn’t directly intervene, it should at least give him a heads-up.

After all, a teacher for a day was like a fat

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