Book 04 Chapter 068.1: I—Chen Huijie—Do Not Have a Younger Male Maternal Cousin Like You, Part 1
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 068.1: I—Chen Huijie—Do Not Have a Younger Male Maternal Cousin Like You, Part 1

Solomon: I feel so too. Otherwise, Merlin would not be so cocky.


17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: This great me does not believe I can’t find a suitable method by spending a few tens of thousands of points. I’ll deal with Merlin today. Merlin, just you wait. I’m going to the association’s store to find something to summon you now.

Magus of Flowers: …

I Have a Strong Presence: She got angry.

Queen of Ice and Snow: She did get angry.

Iron Fist Teacher: Merlin is in trouble this time.

Umaru-chan: Is this how a powerhouse thinks? Spending tens of thousands of points on a whim?

Queen of Ice and Snow: Everyone is different. I earned 30,000 points in a day while in a fit of rage.

Iron Fist Teacher: In reality, earning a few tens of thousands of points is just a day’s effort for powerhouses if they choose the right missions. This is why powerhouses have plenty to spare.

“Hey! Fortuneteller! You told that person not to go downtown in the next few days, right?” Swire successfully latched on to the important information that Chen Heng leaked earlier.

“Did I say that? You must have heard wrong. I can guarantee it on the reputation of my stall.”

“Does your fortunetelling stall have any reputation to speak of?” Ch’en had seen how Chen Heng toyed with the youth in the palm of his hand, so she did not trust Chen Heng when he guaranteed it on the reputation of his stall.

“Of course not.”


“You don’t look like someone who lacks money. Why do you need so much LMD?”

“Miss Swire, this is where you are wrong. Although you think I look rich, I do not have much LMD. However, I urgently need them, so I can only search for a gullible prodigal.”

“So, you were waiting for me to appear?” When the bad-tempered Ch’en heard the words “gullible prodigal,” she immediately placed her right hand on her sword’s hilt.

I am always the one treating Swire as a gullible prodigal. No one can treat me as a gullible prodigal.

“Hey! Madam Ch’en, please calm down. I did not call you a gullible prodigal. I was only thinking

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