Book 04 Chapter 068.2: I—Chen Huijie—Do Not Have a Younger Male Maternal Cousin Like You, Part 2
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 04 Chapter 068.2: I—Chen Huijie—Do Not Have a Younger Male Maternal Cousin Like You, Part 2

“Alright, alright. We are going off topic.”

“That’s true. I’ll just tell you the truth. The one that can solve the problem I mentioned earlier is indeed Rhodes Island. Why else do you think I would seek employment at Rhodes Island? Ch’en can testify; she should have seen my information and knows I joined just two days ago.”

Upon hearing this, Swire turned to Ch’en, their gazes meeting. There seemed to be a bunch of question marks in Swire’s eyes, asking for verification. However, Ch’en’s eyes seemed to show a string of exclamation marks, confirming the information.

They were enemies…good friends for so long, after all, so there was some degree of rapport.

“That is to say, Rhodes Island is the key to resolving this situation?”

“That’s right.”

He Who Knows Fate: What do you think, Kal’tsit? This assist should be useful, right? Although I feel its uses are not very clear, I did it out of kind intentions, at least.

Kal’tsit: Thank you, even though it is not very useful, indeed.

He Who Knows Fate: …I was just being humble and polite. You actually took it literally?

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: To think you were being polite to Kal’tsit. Has water entered your brain?

Efreet: You should be direct with Kal’tsit. When Kal’tsit understands what your words mean, she will not be polite with you, either.

He Who Knows Fate: Never mind. Never mind. Kal’tsit, do me a favor.

Kal’tsit: Speak.

He Who Knows Fate: I have 1,800,000 LMD now. Can you help me gather the materials for the Elite 1 and Elite 2 promotions? You can keep the rest as payment. After all, I have no channels for obtaining these things.

Kal’tsit: Sure.

Efreet: Weren’t you preparing to go fishing?

He Who Knows Fate: Indeed. I’ll go fishing to get the materials for the Elite 3 promotion. Those materials cannot be obtained just by having money.

Umaru-chan: There’s Elite 3?

He Who Knows Fate: While I call it Elite 3, it’s just a third strengthening of the gun. Even after the Elite 2 promotion, the gun cannot undergo a qualitative change; it n

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