Book 03 Chapter 031: The Target of the First Group Activity Is Actually…
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 031: The Target of the First Group Activity Is Actually…

(⊙o⊙) “What? That’s impossible. You are kidding me, right? He is not smiling now?” The purple-clad youth looked at the white-robed youth sitting upright. Then, he gave the black-robed man a slap, as the white-robed youth was now looking at the two unsmilingly.

“But he really smiled earlier. If I lie to you, I’ll be a true little mutt. If you don’t believe me, I can take the memory out and show you.”

“The two of you, shut up. Since you are being locked up, act like it.”

“Look! He turned furious from embarrassment.”

“So, it’s true! Quickly, take out the memory fragment in your head and let me see! If he is really smiling, you will make a fortune after you get out. Those women chasing after him are very wealthy!”

“Hah…! When can I get out?”

“How would I know that? In the end, isn’t it all because of you?”


The white-robed youth continued meditating expressionlessly as he watched the two. However, he thought about whether to apply for leave to see his descendants.


After Chen Heng opened the chat group interface:

Administrator He Who Knows Fate muted Magus of Flowers for ten minutes.

Efreet: …

17-Year-Old Beautiful Young Lady: …

Queen of Ice and Snow: I was wondering…Merlin did not say anything. He Who Knows Fate, why did you mute him?

He Who Knows Fate: I’m in a bad mood.

Iron Fist Teacher: Ah…this…

Blank Never Loses: I suddenly somewhat pity Merlin.

I Have a Strong Presence: Perhaps this is the karma that the Buddhists talk about. He Who Knows Fate mutes Merlin whenever he gets angry because of Merlin’s past transgressions.

God Sai: What’s upset you? Tell us. Perhaps we can help. Also, thank you for the one point yesterday. I’ve already undergone the ability second awakening, and my control over my ability has improved significantly.

He Who Knows Fate: There’s no need to thank me.

Efreet: God Sai is right. There is strength in numbers.

Solomon: Tell us what upset you today; that will improve your mood.

He Who Knows Fate: It’s like this. I bought a non-specific Wil

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