Book 03 Chapter 030: Chen Heng Exploded
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 030: Chen Heng Exploded

Chen Heng had nothing to worry about if his visualization target was the Chen Clan ancestor. That ancestor had vanished two thousand years ago and was probably dead already. Furthermore, even if that ancestor were alive—the chances of which were slim—that ancestor would not kill his final descendant.

On top of that, Chen Heng had a backup, which was the Dimension Administrators Association’s store’s “temporary” life service. The “temporary” life service would help block one fatal blow, at the cost of 5,000 points.

Truth be told, this service was worthwhile. If one did not suffer any fatal strikes, no points would be deducted.

As for understanding this ancestor, there was plenty of information in the ancestral spatial storage. All the images and information about everyone in the Chen Clan since the first generation of cultivators could be found in the spatial storage.

Chen Heng was the Chen Clan’s eighty-sixth-generation inheritor. That ancestor was the thirtieth generation.

Chen Heng dug through the information on the Chen Clan’s various generations at the ancestral hall in the spatial storage.

The more information Chen Heng looked through, the more alarmed he became. All of them died terrible deaths. Based on the image pearls, those with better talent died faster. Chen Heng died at twenty-one in the original timeline and was among the youngest to die.

After searching for a while, Chen Heng found that ancestor’s image pearl.

That ancestor’s name was Chen Xiu, and he was indeed extremely outstanding.

[TL Note: The Xiu character in Chen Xiu means outstanding/excellent.]

The image pearl contained this ancestor’s birthday, birthplace, character, interests, aptitude, and details of his cultivation technique. It also had images of him when he was a child, a youth, middle-aged, and in other life stages, as well as messages he had left for the later generations.

This was typical of the Chen Clan’s image pearls. Chen Heng’s father, Chen Xuan, also had an image pearl there.

Since this ancestor, every generation k

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