Book 03 Chapter 029: Return from the Dead
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 029: Return from the Dead

The upgrade of the Lvl 5 Electromagnetic Control to electromagnetic energy control not only removed the level restrictions but also provided an all-around improvement. The ability now had more areas of practical application.

“It’s fine if you don’t tell me. How did you know about the Secret Scholar Society? It had hidden very well.” Jiang Cheng did not dwell on this question. After all, few would tell others about their secrets, especially a stranger they had only met a few times before; only people with damaged brains would do that.

“Don’t bother with how I knew. Just know that I was telling the truth. How was it? Have you reported it to your superiors?”

“Not yet. I still have not investigated its headquarters, just a branch.”

“Just the offenses of one branch would already result in the Secret Scholar Society dying over ten times. I recall your branch head is a hot-tempered and unyielding person. Based on his temper, he would have targeted them to the end long ago, right?” Chen Heng knew the branch head of Vast Sea City’s Special Affairs Bureau. That person had retired from the battlefield, and “explosive” would not do justice to his choleric disposition.

“I now really suspect you are a Special Affairs Bureau external member. You know quite a lot about the Special Affairs Bureau.”

“Stop changing the topic.”

“I don’t dare to tell him precisely because Branch Head Li’s temper is too fiery.”

“I feel you don’t want to tell your branch head purely because you want to deal with this matter yourself.” Chen Heng glanced at Jiang Cheng up and down, immediately seeing through his thoughts.

“…This feels truly upsetting.” Jiang Cheng gave Chen Heng an annoyed look but did not refute him.

“Do you have any interest in bringing me along?” Seeing Jiang Cheng’s current appearance, Chen Heng suddenly felt an interest in destroying the Secret Scholar Society.

What Chen Heng saw in the future and what would actually happen were two different things, after all.

“I’m not interested. Since you already know I want to deal wit

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