Book 03 Chapter 028: Electromagnetic Energy Ability Obtained
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 028: Electromagnetic Energy Ability Obtained

After dealing with Sirin, Chen Heng entered the kitchen and saw Jeanne d’Arc doing the dishes.

Although dishwashing was very simple and took a relatively short time, Chen Heng just did not want to do it for some reason.

Since Jeanne d’Arc was doing the dishes for the first time, Chen Heng decided to supervise lest she mess up.

“Jeanne d’Arc, did you put detergent?” As Chen Heng watched, he noticed something wrong—a lack of bubbles—as Jeanne d’Arc scrubbed the dishes.

“What is detergent? Oh! I got it! It is something for washing the dishes! I forgot.” Jeanne d’Arc had the knowledge given by the holy grail, so she knew about detergent. However, that did not mean she would remember to use it.

“Then scrub them one more time. Remember to use detergent this time. Otherwise, the dishes will not be clean. If they are not clean, it will affect the food for the next meal.”

“…Got it.” Jeanne d’Arc wanted to reject Chen Heng when he told her to do the dishes again. However, she silently picked up the nearby detergent after he mentioned the effect on the next meal. Then she seriously scrubbed the dishes, being very meticulous about it.

Jeanne d’Arc placed the dishes in the cabinet Chen Heng pointed to only after he indicated his satisfaction.

Chen Heng placed Sirin’s new clothes in her room, then returned to his room to wait for nightfall.

Truth be told, he had received the new clothes two days ago. However, he was in the 1st Singularity then and had forgotten about it by the time he returned.

If not for needing to coax Sirin, he might have remembered them only after another few days. Of course, it was more likely that he would have forgotten for a long time.

Chen Heng played with his phone for a while, then changed to Honkai Impact 3rd and Fate/Grand Order, and finally spent the rest of the time in the chat group.

Eventually, Chen Heng felt too bored, so he went back downstairs and ate some snacks with Sirin while hugging her. Why hug her? Of course, because it was comfortable.

Twilight finally came at past eight.

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