Book 03 Chapter 027: Three Foodies
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 03 Chapter 027: Three Foodies

Efreet: Isn’t it just one, Sirin?

Solomon: When He Who Knows Fate completed a mission in my world, he also brought away Fafnir and Jeanne d’Arc Alter.

He Who Knows Fate: Talking about it makes me want to cry. Initially, there was only Fafnir. Who knew, the Poké Ball is bounded to the user. I can transfer only usage rights and not ownership.

Solomon: Alright, stop moaning about it after you have benefited. Jeanne d’Arc Alter is quite pretty and very strong. You gained a beauty to fight for you for nothing. What more do you want?

He Who Knows Fate: I didn’t say it was bad, just that preparing dinner is somewhat troublesome. Just a few days ago, I did not know how to cook. However, I purchased mid-tier cooking. That’s how I learned to cook. Even so, it does not mean I enjoy cooking.

Iron Fist Teacher: Indeed. Sometimes, knowing how to cook and wanting to cook are two different things.

He Who Knows Fate: Alright, they are calling for me already. I’m leaving first.

While chatting, Chen Heng heard Jeanne d’Arc shouting she was hungry. Fafnir was also fanning the flames, speaking loudly too.

“Coming! Coming! Stop shouting! I’m coming down!” Chen Heng extremely reluctantly put on his slippers and went downstairs.

“You are so slow! It is time to cook!”

“That’s right! Human, where is the sumptuous dinner you promised?”

“It is not even five o’clock yet. What’s the rush?” Although Chen Heng said that, he understood. After all, they had been having wild fun since lunch and would easily get hungry, even a Heroic Spirit like Jeanne d’Arc.

Since capture with the Poké Balls, Jeanne d’Arc and Fafnir had gained bodies of flesh and blood. Of course, they could switch to a Spiritual Body. The Poké Balls were quite useful.

If Chen Heng had to provide mana to Jeanne d’Arc, he would not know what to do. He only had Will Energy and inner strength.

Would he have to do it via physical contact?

After being captured by the Poké Ball, Jeanne d’Arc could exist in two states: a physical state and a Heroic Spirit state. The two states did no

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