Book 01 Chapter 010: Noble Phantasm: Ah! This Old Woman is Going to Get Furious, Alright!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 01 Chapter 010: Noble Phantasm: Ah! This Old Woman is Going to Get Furious, Alright!

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Five Servants attacking together! Time to send out emails! It is time to rely on the power of the Internet! Open the Internet idol’s page and begin! Magi☆Mari’s encyclopedia of wisdom! Magi☆Mari’s encyclopedia of wisdom! Right now, we are being attacked by five Servants! What should we do?! What should we do? This is urgent! I’m waiting! Hey, why don’t you just die and reincarnate? Sob! This Internet idol is too much. He does not understand my feelings at all!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Heng silently started a livestream.

“Wait a moment!”

“What’s wrong? Are you going to plead for mercy now? It’s too late!” Although Jeanne d’Arc Alter said that, she still raised her hand to stop her Servants. Was this one of those situations where the mouth said no, but the body reacted honestly?

“Let me introduce you to them first!”

“Them? Introduce me? Ruler, you aren’t frightened silly, right? Hahaha!” <Jeanne d’Arc Alter Extremely Happy.jpg>

“Everyone, the one right in front of me is Jeanne d’Arc Alter. Strength: B. Endurance: C. Agility: A. Mana: A+. Luck: E. That’s right. You did not hear wrong. This fool’s luck is E. Her Noble Phantasm is ranked A+, and it’s called ‘Ah! This Old Woman is Going to Get Furious, Alright!’ That’s right! It is called ‘Ah! This Old Woman is Going to Get Furious, Alright!’” Chen Heng was not just explaining it to the people from Chaldea but also to those on his livestream. At the same time, he was buying time.

“Ruler! Whose luck are you saying is ranked E? Whose Noble Phantasm are you calling ‘Ah! This Old Woman is Going to Get Furious, Alright!’? It is clearly called La Grondement Du Haine [Roar, Rage of Mine]! You are finished. God will not spare you. I declare it. You bastard! Everyone, attack!” Jeanne d’Arc Alter waved, and the Servants charged.

[TL Note: The part in brackets is a translation of La Grondement Du Haine, which is in French. Here is its profile page:]

“Kneel!” Chen Heng used the same move as before.


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