Book 02 Chapter 011: Inhumanely Extravagant Summoning Materials
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 011: Inhumanely Extravagant Summoning Materials

“It’s like this. I have a sacred object with me that can summon the magus Merlin from King Arthur’s era. Furthermore, I have some materials that can be used to increase the summoning’s chances of success. So, I would like to ask you to help me summon Merlin. Merlin has a high-ranked Clairvoyance that can be used to help us gather intelligence easier. I feel that he would be of great help to us. What do you think?”

Fou! Fou! Fo…fo…fou! (Merlin! That damned Merlin!)

“Fou, what’s wrong with you?” What’s wrong? Of course, excited anticipation of seeing Merlin. (Fou Flying Kick!)

“Merlin! That incubus-human hybrid? He is one of the few peak-level trash that kings nurtured. His high-ranked Clairvoyance can only observe the present, and he is the trashiest among all the Grand Caster candidates. Nevertheless, he would be quite effective in this Singularity. However, isn’t Merlin still alive? How can he appear as a Servant?” Doctor Roman said this after seriously analyzing the situation.

“Of course, it is because I have a special summoning method. I prepared it before this trip, all so I could summon Merlin. I really, really wish to see Merlin.” Chen Heng was not lying. He did really, really want to see Merlin.

“It’s decided, then.”

Chen Heng increased his speed again, and they arrived at their destination soon after.

After landing in the forest, they found several Magical Beasts there, as Chen Heng expected. This was a side story in the game. However, he was in a rush this time, so he did not use it to give Mash more experience. Instead, he gathered all those Magical Beasts in a desolate area of the forest and crushed them in one go, causing a big commotion and an extremely bloody scene.

Everyone else: “…”

“I can tell that He Who Knows Fate really wishes to meet Merlin.”

“Indeed. They must have a close relationship.”

“Alright. I have dealt with all the Magical Beasts in the forest. I’ll leave the summoning ritual to Mash.” Chen Heng did not know how to set up the summoning ritual. In reality, he did not know anything about Magecraft.

“Oh, alright.”

Mash finished setting up the summoning ritual five minutes later.

“Mister He Who Knows Fate, we can start the summoning.”

Magus of Flowers: No! He Who Knows Fate! Listen to me. I’m really not suitable for the 1st Singularity. Furthermore, it will change the story if I go.

Queen of Ice and Snow: Don’t believe him. Quickly summon him.

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