Book 02 Chapter 009: A Show by Three Rulers
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Book 02 Chapter 009: A Show by Three Rulers

“We can?”

“We can add a few more flying swords.”


Chen Heng took out three swords from his spatial storage. Then, he used his attraction ability to control the three swords and attack the two. One sword went for Jeanne d’Arc, and the remaining two headed for Mash. This strange method of attacking caught the two off-guard, forcing them to defend hurriedly. Then, Chen Heng took out a deck chair and sat on it, controlling the flying swords from there.

Every time the two’s defenses were about to crumble, Chen Heng slowed down his attacks.

As the two fought, their coordination with each other improved. Mash rushed at a flying sword heading for Jeanne d’Arc. She took charge of defense while Jeanne d’Arc focused on striking the middle of the blades with her flag. After about ten minutes, the two successfully broke the three flying swords. Then, they noticed Chen Heng and Fujimaru Ritsuka lying on deck chairs and drinking fruit juice while watching them train.

“Very good. You don’t need guidance on your combat techniques now. Instead, you need more practical experience. As Servants, these combat techniques are all engraved deep within your bones, even for a Demi-Servant like Mash. I’ll take charge of drawing out these combat techniques from your bodies.”

Jeanne d’Arc and Mash’s training increased from three swords to four swords, and soon five.

“Alright. We can stop now. That’s all for today. Tomorrow, you will fight three swords while in a gravity field. For now, come have supper.”


The next day:

In the morning, after some discussion. Jeanne d’Arc, the most familiar with France, decided to head to La Charité to see if they could get intel on Orléans. Orléans was currently Jeanne d’Arc Alter’s stronghold. They would have to head deeper if they could not get any information from La Charité. The group wanted to avoid that for now. After all, their group currently had only three Servants.

[TL Note: La Charité and Orléans are locations in France. Here are their Wikipedia entries:

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